About Us

the founder...

Good Mela (pronounced 'mel-ah') is a British beauty brand that looks at inclusivity from a different lens. Rather than focus on specific shades, we've chosen to hone in on the many undertones we all have; meaning our products, from the lightest to darkest, work for ALL. 

Good Mela enhances and embraces your melanin, no matter where on the spectrum you fall. Whether you have an abundance of pheomelanin, eumelanin or a sprinkling of both!

We were created initially because the Founder is a sufferer of polycystic ovary syndrome, better known as PCOS. Due to research and experimentation conducted in her final year of University; reading Biochemistry and Neuroscience, it was found that there are many ingredients in our everyday makeup which worsen the symptoms of PCOS and Endometriosis! 

Many studies have found that PCOS and Endometriosis sufferers have fluctuating and increased levels of heavy and light metals in their system. As a makeup lover who wanted to enjoy the same indulgence in beauty as everyone else, without compromising her health further, she made it her mission to create makeup that was free from these metals frequently found in common drugstore and high end brands.

She also created a brand that is vegan friendly, paraben free, ethically sourced, cruelty free and toxin free!

Admittedly, we also envied that infamous 'golden hour', '4PM in LA' look that seemed so achievable in the US. So we thought, why not create makeup that helps you to carry the sun with you at all times? It's what you deserve.


That's all Good Mela is, a makeup company that gives you what you deserve without compromising your health, and that guarantees you a slay with an Instagram worthy caption.


P.S A percentage of profits is donated to research into reproductive dysfunctions.


Thank you for joining us on our journey x