MAY 01,2022

Say goodbye to sliding makeup or flaky skin with Good Mela’s cult favourite, Set Good Setting Powder™

Since the beauty community took a sharp turn in the right direction, brands have been clamouring over how to innovate new 'clean' beauty products. The market has flooded with products that claim to be great for your skin whilst still delivering high quality, it can be overwhelming when deciding what's right for you.

Our main mission has always been conscious beauty, before it was a trend - that's why we're uniquely advantaged in creating products that actually solve issues whilst still imparting that luxurious feel. 

Oily skin is the bane of so many individuals' lives, but as is dry skin, and as is combination skin - in fact, we all have our own skin issues; it may even seem impossible to formulate a powder that can deal with all of them at the same time.

Not for us, find out more about the ingredient we love below.

“Oat Powder is 100% natural, packed with antioxidants and is highly effective with a luxuriously sensorial finish”

About Oat Powder

Clean beauty is about getting back to basics. Providing an enhanced, luxury beauty experience whilst being of benefit to the skin. That's where Oat Powder comes in.

With a molecular profile of 1-2% betaglucans, 12% protein content and 7% oat oils, this ECOCERT 100% natural ingredient is an epidermis to hypodermis dream. Oily skin benefits from the powders ability to absorb natural skin oils, instantly mattifying, whilst the presence of oat oils provides a hydrating balance to dry skin. And yes, if you have combination skin, it'll keep your dry areas hydrated and your oily t-zone, sebum free.

Within Set Good Setting Powder™, Oat Powder is carefully balanced with other natural ingredients to create a powder that delivers whatever your skin needs. It's proactive, rather than reactive, flexible to any occasion. 

12 shades, countless undertones, one superior finish.