Coming to America x Good Mela

Coming to America x Good Mela

We are so pleased to finally announce our partnership with Paramount; introducing our first collection!

At Good Mela, we take pride in viewing beauty and inclusivity through a different lens, we took the exact same approach with this collection. Recognising the opportunity to authentically highlight the way in which the African and Caribbean diaspora are connected, this collection is a unique celebration of our entwining.

We trawled through countless historical research papers, which explained how we as a modern people came to be and weaved our findings and aesthetic, into Coming to America.

From the rich tones of the Maasai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania, and the vibrancy of the Caribbean islands, to the Style Guide and wardrobe of both Coming to America films, each product and shade has been carefully considered, each finish delicately formulated - to be inclusive, authentic and reflective of both pivotal cinema, and culture.