No more breakages!

No more breakages!
Our pressed powders, VA¥-K Bronzer and FLU$H'D Blush, never had the easiest time during transit. Whether the powders were packed in swathes of pink bubblewrap or nestled into deep holes of packing peanuts - the issue of breakage always seemed to crop up more than we'd like. 
So, we solved it - and it was actually pretty simple. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you and that is probably a lesson in itself!
Check out how we solved this issue below!
describing the excitement of buying a new product
description of the sadness that happens when your order is broken during transit
description of how a transit issue was fixed using acrylic sheets
Yes Melababes! Now included along with ALL pressed powders are your very own travel-friendly protectors. 
Keep them with you - trust me when I say, they are LIFE CHANGING!

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