Why are we whispering? LET'S TALK PERIODS!

Why are we whispering? LET'S TALK PERIODS!
Recently the Melababes got REAL about periods, and it's about time!
Periods - a natural part of life for a woman and yet, why are women made to feel as though it's our 'dirty little secret'? It's time to start talking and sharing with each other, and proudly (!) - you never know who you could help.
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On Thursday, we asked the Melababes to share some of their period hacks on our Instagram, and boy did they have some secrets to share! From drinking green tea to combat period bloat, to using meat tenderiser powder to get rid of blood stains, we had a moment of solidarity with each other and with each woman that suffers from painful periods.
Check out some of our favourite hacks and tips below!


drinking hot liquids like peppermint, green and ginger tea to help with period symptoms
Herbal teas like ginger and peppermint can bring some relief to period symptoms like nausea and cramping - the fresher the better, but teabags and loose leaves will work just as well!


exercise and yoga stretches for period cramps
Yoga poses like adapted child's pose, reclining twist, cat/cow and pigeon pose are all said to bring relief to areas like the lower stomach, hips and pelvis as that is where the most tension and inflammation is held during your menstrual cycle.


seamoss and vegetable drinks to replace lost nutrients on your period

If your period cramps are down to issues like a lack of minerals, then consuming seamoss is an excellent way to replace them! Also drinking vegetable juices such as tomato juice that's high in salt can replace lost energy due to blood loss as it's salt content is high; and juices that are high in vitamin C, like orange juice, can help with cramps and other PMS symptoms!


These were some of our faves from the Melababes, and honestly, the most important one is below - 

listen to your body on your period, don't feel guilty about what it wants

Your body is yours to take care of and yours to listen to! The most important thing is to do whatever brings you the most comfort. Let's start talking more about our menstrual cycle - there's nothing to be ashamed about, it's completely natural!


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