Why we're so against Aluminium

As a brand we have pledged to never include aluminium or any of its compounds in our products, nor in our packaging. But why? Well, this incredibly common and yet harmful metal plays more roles in the human body than you would think - and basically, Al is NOT the hero! 
First, a quick background on this troublesome element.

Think about how much you see Aluminium in your daily life without knowing it. Infrastructure, deodorants and even medications (I know). Aluminium is that element that's everywhere and anywhere. A social butterfly if you will. To get super sciency for a second, it's the third most abundant element (82,000 ppm) in the lithosphere.
For an element that's so in your face, you'd think it would have a purpose for humans. WRONG! In fact, we have no biological requirement for it whatsoever !

To make it even worse, when Aluminium enters your body (through absorption via the intestines) what do you think it does? Nothing good that's for sure! Here's a brief list of Aluminium and it's features:

- Al-based antiperspirants ft human breast cancer

- Al cookware and water ft Alzheimer's Disease

- Environmental Al ft Multiple Sclerosis

- Al-salts ft reproductive dysfunctions

- Aluminium ft osteodystrophy, dialysis dementia, aluminium-associated bone disease, Parkinsonism dementia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and vaccine-associated macrophagic myofasciitis.

I mean...?!

And get this, aluminium compounds such as aluminium silicate and aluminium starch octenylsuccinate are present in some of our fave foundations and setting powders (not ours, of course).

Now although aluminium absorption through the skin is lower than through the intestines, there's growing concerns over the use of metals in cosmetics and their ability to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin into the blood causing retention and exerting toxic effects.

So Melamuses! These are the reasons why we do not and never will  include aluminium in any of our formulae or packaging, and we make sure our partners don't either. Even the VA¥-K and FLU$H'D compacts contain tin pans - and let me tell you - that was not easy to source! However, we're committed to the cause and hope many others follow too!

M x